We partner with Unum to offer you and your family members dental insurance. You have the choice of two plans to choose from. Below is a general overview of the in-network benefits for the base and buy-up plans. Visit to find in-network providers and access a variety of online tools and programs.


Find an In-Network Provider

Remember to visit in-network dentists to receive the deepest level of discount on your services.

To find a participating in- network dentist in your area, please follow these steps.

■    Go to

  • Click “Search Now” under "Find a Dental Provider"

  • Select Network and click "Search"

  • Search by Location or by Dentist 


Examples of Services

Preventive—exams, cleanings, fluoride, x-rays, and sealants

Basic—fillings, extractions, and repairs

Major—crowns, inlays, dentures, and periodontics

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