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To Enroll in the Constructa-Care Employee Benefits Plan:


To Enroll 

Go to 

Login Page

Click on the Registration Link in the email sent to you by your admin or “Register as a new user.” Create an account, and create your own username and password. 

If “Registering as a new user,” please see important user needs below:

Company Identifier




Last four digits of your Social Security Number.



On the Homepage, click “Let’s Begin” to complete your required tasks.


Personal Information

First, you’ll be asked to review and update your profile and ensure that all information listed about yourself and your family members is correct.

Benefit Elections

To enroll dependents in a benefit, click the checkbox next to the dependent’s

name under “Who am I enrolling?”


Below your dependents you can view your available plans and the cost per pay. To elect a benefit, click “Select”


Click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of each screen to save your elections.


If you do not want a benefit, click “Don’t want this benefit?” at the bottom of the screen and select a reason from the drop-down menu.



If you have elected benefits that require a beneficiary designation or completion of an Evidence of Insurability form, you will be prompted to add in those details.


Review & Confirm Elections

Review the benefits you selected on the enrollment summary page to make sure they are correct the click “Click to Sign” to complete your enrollment. You can either print a summary of your elections for your records or login at any point during the year to view your summary online.